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All of our expert staff are committed to helping you the homeowner realize your investment goals and strive to enhance your rental value and the future market value of your property.  We pay close attention to each property, develop productive relationships with your tenants, and give prompt courteous attention to everyone's needs.

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What We Offer


We strive to ensure all tenants enjoy life with CRES Property Management. In order to achieve this goal, we work hard to keep our client's properties properly maintained, incorporate a tenant portal which allows tenants to check their account balance, make payments and most importantly submit a maintenance request.

35 Years Experience

CRES Property Management has been providing all-inclusive property management services since 1982. CRES is dedicated itself to providing ethical assistance to owners in-so-much that CRES does not own any properties itself and proving our values by only having clients.

Always the Best Value

Our outstanding staff combined with over 37 years’ experience easily identify us as the leading management company in Cincinnati. We have an office staff full of go-getters, overachievers, and administrators that handle all day to day functions/operations.  Our hard-working and highly skilled maintenance staff who handle all your property issues/needs, top of the line software that assists in documenting everything from both the office and field, we also utilize an incredible set of attorneys. The services we provide are by far the biggest bang for your buck- for only 10 cents on a dollar we will allow you to own the property never the problem!

Tenant Focused

Our focus towards our tenants and their communities starts with our leasing agent. CRES uses a combination of background checks, credit checks and landlord and employment verifications that allows us to get the right people into their new homes and enjoy their neighborhood. CRES strives to ensure properties are maintained so the tenants can live in their homes comfortably and the owners know that our tenants will stay there for years to come if they choose.

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